Announcing the Apalla Docs Subscription

Example from the Life knowledge doc

Apalla is on a mission to make learning easier for everyone.

When we first started, we released Apalla Alexandria, a database of all of the best free courses available online.

A little later we released the Apalla Portfolio and Apalla Library, similar databases for grant offerings and free textbooks, respectively.

All of our content is, of course, free. The only paid content on the website is through Apalla Docs, handmade cheatsheets on a variety of different topics, gathered from hundreds of different sources to distill the best on any given topic.

Initially these were split into per doc pricing — 7.99 a pop, to be precise. Of course, the problem here is that many people are interested in a wide variety of topics (especially when cheatsheets can get you to learn a gist of a topic in a very short amount of time!), and adding on 7.99 to each sheet you want to check out can rack up quickly.

So, we’ve made things simple: Now, for $9 a month (or $84 a year) you can get the entirety of Apalla Docs at no extra cost.

If you want to check it out, you can see our Gumroad page here, or find a link on the Apalla Docs page. Also feel free to check out Apalla Alexandria, Portfolio, and Library if you haven’t already!


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