Introducing Apalla Major Map Beta

An example from the Business database

One of our initial goals for Apalla Alexandria was for it to be a perfect replica of university curriculum.

In order to do that, we couldn’t just have courses. We would have to develop logical roadmaps from point A to B, for hundreds of topics. Just like Major Maps at colleges.

Today, our Alexandria project has matured to the point where we can now start implementing the first Beta of Major Maps.

Our first phase plan is to implement a sorter based on difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Capstone, dependent on the course’s own diagnosis.

As time goes on, we’ll be adding more of a “Roadmap” sectioning to this, with claims like “To learn about this topic, you should start with course X, then Y, then Z…”

An example of a major map. Taken from ASU’s Accountancy map.

We hope to gain this data from the multitude of free major map listings available at universities across the US. In the meantime, however, we’re keeping with our difficulty ratings (the “beta” of the “Major Map beta”).

The Business database is the first to feature the major map beta, with more databases being added in the future. Check it out for free by clicking the link here!


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