Apalla Alexandria is the first product offering from Apalla. Alexandria consists of “blocks” of highly curated free courses from prestigious universities such as MIT, Harvard, and Yale. Click any of the images to go to their page.

The Mathematics block includes classes in math and statistics.

The Data Science block includes classes using programming to solve statistical problems.

The Science block includes classes in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and many more. (Biology courses included in the “Medicine” block)

The Programming block includes classes in computer science, cybersecurity, and IT.

Includes courses in Economics, Management, Finance, Marketing, and many more.

The Engineering block includes classes in electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, and many more. (Computer Science courses available in “Programming” block, Biomedical Engineering available in “Medicine” block)

The Architecture and Urban Planning block includes classes in both subjects.

The Sustainability block includes classes in sustainability, ecology, earth sciences, and many more.

The Art and Media block includes classes in film, photography, video game development, and many more.

The Psychology block includes classes in psychology, sociology, and communication.

The Medicine block includes classes in biology, public health, biomedical engineering, and many more.

The Language & Literature block includes classes both in language learning (English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) as well as classes in literature and writing.

The Philosophy & Religion block includes classes in philosophy and religious studies.

The Education block includes classes in both the theory of education as well as in teaching topics or courses.

The History & Anthropology block includes classes in history, archaeology, and anthropology.

The Law & Politics block includes classes in political science and law.

The Gender & Race block includes classes in gender, culture, and race studies.

The Career & Electives block includes guides in career success as well as classes that don’t quite fit in any of the other blocks.

The Sports & Fitness block contains classes on sports theory and practice, nutrition, and more.

We also have bases for courses in Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Welsh, Italian, and Indonesian. [Note that these courses aren’t further separated into dialect]

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