Introducing Apalla Major Map Beta

One of our initial goals for Apalla Alexandria was for it to be a perfect replica of university curriculum. In order to do that, we couldn’t just have courses. We would have to develop logical roadmaps from point A to B, for hundreds of topics. Just like Major Maps at colleges. Today, our Alexandria projectContinue reading “Introducing Apalla Major Map Beta”

Announcing the Apalla Docs Subscription

Apalla is on a mission to make learning easier for everyone. When we first started, we released Apalla Alexandria, a database of all of the best free courses available online. A little later we released the Apalla Portfolio and Apalla Library, similar databases for grant offerings and free textbooks, respectively. All of our content is,Continue reading “Announcing the Apalla Docs Subscription”

Apalla #28 – Psychology, Part 3

On this episode of Apalla, we’ll be talking about what is, in my opinion, one of the most intriguing concepts in psychology: that of the social game. Essentially, just like how there are identifiable and stable patterns in normal human life, there are identifiable and stable patterns in interactions between people as well. This is whatContinue reading “Apalla #28 – Psychology, Part 3”