Apalla #27 – Psychology, Part 2

Hello, and welcome to part two of our discussion of psychology.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about refactoring. Refactoring is the process of redefining aspects of your life based on a specific catalyst, often such as a brush up with death, a break up, or unemployment. 

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Apalla #26 – Psychology, Part 1

Today, we’re talking about some general psychology topics. Since I’m a big psychology fan, I have quite a few psychology docs on hand — however, I do also have a “miscellaneous” doc for smaller topics. I figure I’ll start off the psychology folder by firing off a couple of these as their own Psychology series. 

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Apalla #23 – Fitness, Part 1

So, this episode marks our entry into fitness. Since health is a big subject all-together, we’ll skip talking about things like diet and sleep for now, and leave them to their own series. Instead, we’ll split this series up into weight training and cardio, which are the two main types of fitness, as well as stretching, which is an essential practice for both. So let’s go ahead and get started with weights!

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